Aims and Scope

The Aims & Scope Scientific Journal of Islamic Financial Research

The Journal of "Research Islamic finance," the Journal of Islamic finance in the country that the efforts of the militant group Islamic Finance Research Center of Imam Sadiq (as) set up, and now by the Department of Islamic finance Islamic studies, administration of Imam Sadiq And in areas and fades Specialty published the following:


  • Islamic financial theory;
  • Islamic fiqh rules;
  • Islamic finance jurisprudence;
  • Islamic financial rights;
  • Islamic financing tools;
  • Islamic risk management tools;
  • Islamic Economic Instruments Economic Analysis;
  • Islamic financial institutions;
  • Islamic capital market;
  • Islamic banking;
  • Islamic insurance;
  • Islamic financial accounting;
  • Islamic finance bids pricing;
  • Islamic Investment Funds and Companies;
  • Other related topics